Magic Cleaning Pad ✨
Magic Cleaning Pad ✨
Magic Cleaning Pad ✨
Magic Cleaning Pad ✨
Magic Cleaning Pad ✨
Magic Cleaning Pad ✨

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Magic Cleaning Pad ✨

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Capacity: 60ML

Weight: 60g

Material: Soft glue

Colour: Yellow, Blue

Main uses: cleaning computer keyboards, car interiors, mobile phones, telephones, printers, audio-visual equipment, office equipment and other items. If it's just good at home decoration, there must be a lot of dust in many places, use a universal cleaning gel! It is easy to accomplish. When you wash your clothes, don't push hard, just fine.


- Safe and non toxic

- Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action

- No trace, no surface damage, fragrance

- By pressing the cleaning compound onto the surfaces that you would like to clean, Can effectively absorb dust and dust in the gap, never fly around

- Experiments prove that it can effectively kill common bacteria

- A must for using public computers in a clean and safe way, ideal for all surfaces. It is the best partner for cleaning electronic devices

- Can be used for many times until the cleaning compound turns into dark color